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Independent Review of Education - invitation to students, parents and guardians

As a proud member of the network of integrated schools across Northern Ireland, Shimna Integrated College fully endorses this message from Roisin Marshall, CEO of the Council for Integrated Education in Northern Ireland (NICIE), regarding the Independent Review of Education. This wide-ranging review of education in Northern Ireland is open to all stakeholders.

"We want to encourage every education stakeholder to respond and to give their view on the questions being asked in the survey. If you are a supporter of Integrated Education and its place in the future of Education in NI, there are some key places at which you can suggest that Integrated Education be positioned centrally and prioritised by the IRE.

Please share the consultation link widely with your governors, parents, and young people so that their views are heard. Many thanks all for your continued efforts to educate our children together in the one school."

The survey closes on 4th February. Thank you for taking part.


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