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NIFRS address the importance of road safety with Year 13 students

On Tuesday, as part of Road Safety Week (14 – 20 November), members of the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) from the Newcastle Station presented to Year 13 students Road Safety. The address emphasised the importance of personal responsibility for drivers and passengers when travelling in vehicles. They shared their first-hand experiences of the devastating and potentially life-changing impact of serious and fatal road traffic collisions. The session finished with a demonstration of how officers carry out an emergency rescue.

In a hard-hitting session the key messages included: “As drivers, we all have a part to play in making our roads safer for everyone. This means slowing down, looking after our vehicles, never driving after taking drink or drugs, not using a mobile phone when driving, and always wearing a seatbelt.”

“The consequences of causing serious injury or worse, death, due to speeding, or checking a message on your phone are simply not worth it. If we all drive with much greater care, we can play our part in helping save lives.”


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