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Year 8 students get glimpse of the future

8B were delighted to be onsite yesterday to see, hear and experience first-hand the exciting work that is going on in the construction of our new school. Students watched a video animation of their new school and were able to find out about some of the fascinating features and finer details of this new build directly from Ciaran Bonner, Project Manager.

They also learned about some of the environmentally sustainable features of the project, including photovoltaic panels, recycling of stone for re-use on the site, plans for planting of trees, culverts to re-direct water off the mountain and even made some important connections on how school regulations are mirrored on site. As well as finding out about the many different professions involved in such a complex project, students also found out that a super crane will be arriving on site in July - the first of its kind to be used for a construction project in Newcastle. Exciting times ahead!


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