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Your Time to Shine Programme launches at Shimna

We are delighted to announce Shimna has partnered with The Wellbeing Pathway to bring the Your Time to ShineProgramme to twenty-five Year 13 students this academic year. The programme runs monthly with sessions exploring a range of topics including social media, compassionate leadership, coaching, healthy confidence and wellbeing. The programme aims to enhance the leadership and resilience of these wonderful young women as they prepare for life beyond school. 


Vice-Principal Karen Caulfield is very pleased with how things are going so far. "We already know that we have a fantastic group of students but through Your Time to Shine, we can see them grow and develop, supporting each other and having space and time to learn new skills in preparation for future leadership roles. It is so energising and humbling to share this programme with our students who, I have no doubt, will do their very best to make the world a better place through their future contributions and determination to act with care for others in public services, politics, industry, medicine, law and other areas.”  


Catherine Murnin, Founder of The Wellbeing Pathway, a County Down business, is excited about the impact that the programme is already having. "The girls are teaching us about community, change and what's important for them as they think about the future. Each month we combine an expert speaker with activities that support the girls interacting and building their capacity to shine and thrive in a challenging world. It is a privilege to be involved, and the launch of this innovative programme in Shimna college is part of our vision to inspire wellbeing in the places where we live, work and learn."



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