Business Studies & Travel and Tourism

Meet the Business department


Pat Lenny teaches the GCSE Business and Communication course, the second year on the Applied General Business qualification, and the first year on the BTEC National Applied General Travel and Tourism qualification.


Sara Camplisson teaches the first year on the Applied General Business qualification and the second year on the BTEC National Applied General Travel and Tourism qualification.


Both teachers have a lot of years of experience of teaching at advanced level as well as experience of working in business.


Academic offer


Advanced Level

The Applied General Business qualification Level 3 encourages candidates to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of realistic business contexts through a variety of approaches from the theoretical to those with clear practical emphasis. The qualification is accredited by the AQA exam board.


The BTEC National Applied General Travel and Tourism qualification at Shimna is the equivalent of one A level and encourages students to develop broad skills, knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism industry.The qualification is accredited by the Pearson exam board.


Business Communication Systems GCSE Level

This course is very relevant to today’s business world. It helps students understand the changing role of ICT in business and economic activities. It also helps students understand the ways in which market environments are changing because of ICT, for example the rise of e-business.


This course helps students develop practical ICT and business skills that are useful in a diverse range of employment roles. It also prepares students for studying business and ICT at a more advanced level.





Extra-curricular offer

Investment club


After school assignment support



What we do well

At advanced level the emphasis on both the Business and Travel course is on assessment by assignment. This tends to suit those students who are steady workers and who are good at organising themselves and managing their own time. As a department we support students in developing these skills and helping students achieve their full potential. This is reflected in the excellent results students have achieved over the years.


The assignments are designed around a local business context. This allows students to apply their knowledge to a business they can relate to. It also provides opportunities for links and visits to local businesses which can enhance the quality of research students are able to access. Travel and Tourism, in particular, is an important industry sector for N.Ireland and one which offers a large range of career opportunities.


 At GCSE and Advanced level our courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and theory they need to achieve at the highest level, while also giving students lots of opportunities to apply their knowledge making full use of our excellent computer facilities.



Useful links



Travel and Tourism

This site provides links to tourist offices around the world. This is useful for researching a number of assignments on the course.

This is a useful site for keeping up to date with the latest news in the travel industry:

This is a useful gateway site to find links to a range of sources that are useful when studying travel and tourism: