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KS3/KS4 Student Zone

Welcome to our Key stage 3/4 students zone. This page is a place where our year 8 to 12 students can find the most up to date information on the school curriculum, helpful revision links, student support documents so you will always know who you can turn to when you need it most.

If you are in year 12 and thinking about staying on to 6th form, be sure to also check out our 6th form page for things like subject choices, admissions criteria, our application form, advice and more...

More things will be added to this page throughout the year so make sure to keep checking in throughout the year to keep up to date.



This booklet has will give you a brief overview of the subjects that you will be studying from year 8 to 10. While studying these subjects you will learn what subjects you enjoy best and what subjects you perform highest in. This will help you plan for the future



This booklet has lots of advice for research you can do before you make your choices, and it is really important that you do read the subject pages of the booklet, research online, talk to or email your teachers, talk to your family etc. and dream and plan ahead.

Our Curriculum Booklets

Student Council

A central element in the structure of an Integrated College community is an active Student Council. Our Student Council played a major role in every aspect of planning in the early days, and then went off the boil. Following a relaunch a  number of years ago, inspired by students, the Student Council again plays a central role, meeting regularly with the principal.  Past successes have been: providing bus shelters, in cooperation with the Parent Council; partnership with WaterMade, a fairtrade collective in Uganda; returning Appletizer to our canteen menu.

Current campaigns include:

  • successful fundraising for outdoor furniture;

  • supporting our Eco group in achieving our Eco School Awards;

  • working together to promote anti-bullying strategies;

  • taking part in the UK Youth Parliament elections;

  • successful campaigning for additional toilet facilities;

  • successful campaigning for a chilled water fountain.


Every form class from years 8-12 is represented on the Council, giving every student the opportunity to voice their views and to follow the work of the Council.

The 6th form organise their own Council, running their common room and organising their formal as well as contributing to the running of the college as a whole.

In 2013, Shimna was presented with the Silver Democracy Award in recognition of the strength of our participation in the UKYP elections, and we are very proud that Shimna has sent two South Down representatives to the Youth Parliament.

In 2010 our Student Council won the fantastic accolade of a Winner's Plaque in the Speaker's School Council Awards, presented at Westminster.  The award was a real tribute to the work of this Student Council through the years.

We are particularly proud that our students go on to play active roles in representative democracy: Paddy Brown is Alliance councillor for Rowallane; Ryan Cairns has been South Down member of the UK Youth Parliament and was succeeded by Lauren Sloan; many of our students serve on the local Youth Council.  Our OldScholars are members of the Socialist Workers Party; the OUP; Sinn Fein; SDLP; Alliance; DUP; the Green Party.

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