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Understanding Labour Market Information (LMI) is becoming increasingly important as the world around us changes at this unprecedented rate. To adopt an interest in local, regional and global trends, students can become aware of which jobs are in demand, which jobs are saturated and which industries are in decline, and this in turn can help to make an informed choice at GCSE, A Level and Higher Level study.

The following tool has been adopted from the useful website, ‘LMI for All’  where national databases of LMI have been made available online:

To use this Careerometer, simply type in a job role, and information about salary, working hours and projected workforce changes will be displayed. As with any online source of information, this data should be compared with a number of other sources to confirm its validity.

Similarly, when students are researching careers using the Unifrog tool, current LMI is available for every career profile on the platform. Using an example of ‘Energy Engineer’, we are able to see how many professionals work in this role in the UK (or the US), salary information, and local information specific to Northern Ireland detailing projected growth in this sector between 2020-2035 of 39.7%. Log on to your Unifrog account at to explore all roles and sectors.

Unifrog research tool.png
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