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Thinking about 6th Form?

Our Careers website

Visit our careers website for all the links you need for your research and decision making

6th form subject choice booklet

Check out our subject choice for advice on what subjects to choose, course requirements, a-level requirements and much more.

6th form admission criteria

Make sure you have a look at what is required for you to be eligible for admission into year 13

Student Support

Our Student Counsellor

Our independent counsellor, Vicki Sherlock, can be easily contacted through the post box at the students' entrance.  Students can ask for an appointment for themselves, or referrals can be made by a friend, a staff member or a family member.

Our Listening Ear Service

We provide Listening Ear training to staff and students and Listening Ears are available to support any member of the Shimna community. Their service can be contacted through the postbox in the main entrance.

Our Alternative Chaplain

Our alternative chaplain, Shirley McMillan, supports students in all sorts of mutual support groups and activist groups, for example our Umbrella group for students of all faiths and none, our GayStraightAlliance etc.

Our Scripture Union

Both junior and senior Scripture Union groups meet regularly for faith based mutual support and prayer.

Assist and SafeTalk

Three members of staff are Assist trained, and are available to support any member of the Shimna community who finds themselves with suicidal thoughts.  Many staff and students are also SafeTalk trained, which is a first aid programme for mental health issues.  


Staff member Pat Lenny leads our student/staff meditation group in a weekly afterschool sessison.  Pat also leads Shimna Meditation group which meets each Wednesday evening at 7.30, open to our local community.

The Education Welfare Service

Our Education Welfare Officer is available in college, who offers support to students and their parents/guardians with any difficulty which may cause problems in attending college.

The Careers Service

Our  careers officer is available regularly in college, who offers support to students in planning their future.

Social Services

We work closely with colleagues in social services.

MYMY, the Hub etc.

We advertise the services of many community based drop-in and helpline services.

Study Links

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