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Moving Image Arts

Meet the Moving Image Arts department


Noreen Doran

Melanie Skelcher

Laura Walsh

Stacey Wilkinson

Academic offer


Moving Image Arts is an Applied Subject which examines the history, techniques and creative impact of film and animation and equips our students with the skills necessary to make their own films. This subject aims to provide students with the requisite skills and knowledge to enable them to take their first steps towards a career in the Creative media, which is the fastest growing industry in Northern Ireland.


GCSE Moving Image Arts.


GCSE Moving Image Arts focuses on helping our students to develop an understanding of film language both in theory and practice. Students will develop the skills to analyse film making techniques in the work of others as well as learning how to plan, organise and make their own films.


Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Acquisition of Skills in Moving Image Production – Controlled assessment (20% weighting)

  • Unit 2: Planning and Making a Moving Image Product – Controlled assessment ( 40% weighting)

  • Unit 3: Critical Response to Moving Image Products – External online exam,1 hr 30 mins. (40% weighting)


A level Moving Image Arts builds on the skills acquired by students at GCSE.


Course Outline


AS students study;


  • Film language.

  • Alfred Hitchcock and the Classical Hollywood Style

  • Formalism – Early European Cinema and American Expressionism

  • Foundation Portfolio ( students plan, film, edit and evaluate their own film)


At A2 students study;


  • Realism – Narrative and Visual Style

  • Creative Exercises

  • Comparative analysis

  • Advanced Portfolio ( students plan, film, edit and evaluate their own film)




Both AS and A2 have two units each.


Unit 1 –Critical response. This is assessed through an online exam worth 40%

Unit 2 – Film production and planning. This is assessed through practical coursework worth 60%.


Extra-curricular offer


The Moving Image Arts department runs an after school film making Club, where students can work on developing their film making skills.  In addition we often hold screenings of films for our GCSE and A’ level classes.  We are lucky to be able to work in conjunction with Newcastle Community Cinema and many of our students are volunteers.


What we do well


Our moving image arts students are some of the most hardworking and dedicated in the college. We are lucky enough to have access to a state of the art iMac suite, industry standard software, lighting and audio equipment.


Many of our students have achieved success in local competitions, coming highly placed in the Moving Image Arts Awards Showcase and we are proud recipients of the Carson Bursary. We are proud of our students have gone on to have successful careers in the creative industries as well as those who use their study of moving image arts as a springboard to careers in I.T, sound engineering and even politics.


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