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Meet the Politics Department

Paddy McClean HoD


Academic Offer


Revised specifications for government and politics advanced level.

Four modules over 2 years

(All modules are externally assessed)


 AS 1

The Government and politics of N.Ireland

- The arrangements for the government of Northern Ireland since 1994.

- The strategies and policies of the main N.I political parties.

- The changes in electoral support for main parties.

- The political effects of the different electoral systems in Northern Ireland.


A.S.2 – The British Political Process

Focus on how Britain is governed

- The executive – Prime minister and cabinet

-The legislature – House of Commons, House of lords

- The work of pressure groups – including Amnesty,  N.S.P.C.C      and environmental groups. 

-Policies and ideologies of the main British political

-The role of cabinet, ministers, MPs, committees

-The impact of the European Union.


YEAR 14 - year of study includes a visit to Stormont to tour and meet M.L.As. 

A21 – Comparative government

The United States of America and the United Kingdom.

- The study of the U.S constitution including the various articles  and amendments.

-The constitution and democracy, human rights, relevance.

- Comparison of U.S / U.K executive and legislatures.

-Presidential power    vs    Prime Ministers powers

- Congressional power vs parliamentary power.

A2 - 2                                                 


Political Power

-Assessing the nature of power in Western society from the following perspectives.

- Marxist

- Pluralist

- Elitist

- Feminist

- Understanding of other major concepts in the study of political power including legitimacy, coercion and stability.

- The political significance of social and economic divisions in society including ethnicity, race, gender, religion, nationality and class.


Extra Curricular

Includes a 3 day trip to London to visit Westminster as well as other tourist attractions.

Our students take part in the Mock Council of the European Union at Stormont.  Students have chaired the Council, and have represented Romania, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

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