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Technology & Design

Meet the Technology and Design Team:


Campbell Mayers 

Academic offer


Technology and design at KS3 invites discovery, creativity and imagination.  All projects during this time allow students to get involved in a range of processes that make up the subject as a whole.

In KS3 students make two projects a year. The first is a resistant materials project which focuses on materials and their physical properties, design and their application. The second is an electronics based project starting off with a simple LED circuit right through to using 555 timer chips in year 10.

All projects encompass the whole design process; from research, design development and manufacture through to evaluation. Each project encourages students to apply all their theoretical knowledge toward real life applications, envisaging how their ideas and creative thinking can have a positive impact on the lives of everyday people

GCSE Technology and Design


Over two years students of GCSE technology and design cover core subject matter that involves conceptual thinking, theoretical and practical application of knowledge and most importantly applying all of this towards a need.


Technology and design at GCSE is a mixture of coursework and examinations. Coursework is split between design and manufacture.  The first part is Folder work based where the students channel all their creativity into designs and planning of their chosen final idea.  The second part is the Manufacturing.  This is where the students will manufacture their chosen design, creating a bespoke piece that encompasses all their creative flare and knowledge.


Extra-curricular offer

We run a technology club after school where you will complete three projects over the school year.  These projects will allow the students taking part to use a range of materials and processes and different graphic communication ideas. This is not only a fun afterschool activity, but a hub for students to deepen their technology and design experience.


What we do well

We have the latest equipment including a Laser Cutter, 3D printer and graphic design packages. This allows students to experience the world of CAD/CAM and gives them a taster of what working in industry can involve.

Our KS3 projects allow for individual design ideas in both folder and workshop activities. We are a subject that welcomes innovation and students input on any modifications they can make. As a department we believe that giving students opportunities to improve not only benefits their learning, but shows them their capabilities as designers, innovators and that change is the future.

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