Shimna Integrated College was founded in 1994, on the day of the first IRA ceasefire, which was closely followed by the first Loyalist ceasefire. Local parents founded Shimna in order to provide an Integrated, academically excellent, all-ability, child centred and parent friendly education for their children. Successive polls across Northern Ireland have shown that the vast majority of parents want an Integrated education for their children.

However, parents and students only want an Integrated education if it is also an excellent education. At Shimna we are rightly proud of the academic excellence our students have achieved since our opening in 1994. We can now look to generations of Shimna OldScholars for evidence of that success.  

We also celebrate our success in educating our students for a society which, though more peaceful, is still faced with the challenges of finding new ways of working together, with the responsibility of building shared social and political structures and coming together to overcome enduring sectarianism and racism in our society. Education in Shimna Integrated College equips students with the academic and social foundation appropriate to the challenge. We are very proud of our students.    

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Shimna Integrated College in Newcastle has announced the construction of its new school building is due to commence this summer. The £19 million project will deliver modern, energy efficient premises and facilities which will support the education of students across South Down well into the future.


Locally based construction company Glasgiven Contracts Ltd will deliver the building project providing a boost to employment within the local area. The Glasdrumman company has extensive experience in delivering high-quality educational buildings.

Principal Steve Pagan said: “This is a tremendously exciting step for the staff and students of Shimna, as well as our wider community. We have been providing excellent educational opportunites at Shimna for almost 30 years and look forward to the next chapter, developing our inclusive, all-ability school so that it is best in class...

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