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Shimna Celebrates European Day of Languages:

Shimna students took part in many competitions using French, German, Spanish and Irish as well as lots of other languages. Year 8 designed t-shirts, with the best two designs winning the prize of being printed up by the art department. Year 9 did a fantastic job teaching different languages to the class. These included Filipino, Hindi, Polish, Lithuanian, Italian, Icelandic amongst others. Year 10 and 12 took part in European table quizzes and year 11 students baked European cakes. Students also had great fun and learnt a lot using the Language Challenge app. We finished the week off with prize giving assemblies with year 13 and 14 students also taking part. Ms Susay, Head of Languages, said, “Once again our students have thrown themselves into all activities showing great enthusiasm and interest in languages. They demonstrated how much languages contribute to learning about each other and the wider world".



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