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Year 8 Induction Day at Shimna

Team games, circus skills and ice cream was all in a day's work for Shimna Integrated College's newest students. With the Year 8 pastoral team hosting, going back to school has never been so much fun!

"We had the pleasure of welcoming our new Year 8 students to Shimna," says Samara Kelly, Head of Year 8. "While there were nervous faces to begin with, it didn’t take long for our students to settle in and make new friends. This was no surprise, as a school tour, a day of icebreakers and ice cream was guaranteed to bring the year 8s out of their shells."

"They had a brilliant first day and made a fantastic impression with their behaviour and enthusiasm," says Barry Dagan, Head of year 8. "Further, they looked so smart and happy in their new uniforms."


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