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Meet the science department


Joanne Poland – Head of Biology

Alan McDonnell – Head of Chemistry

Alasdair Spence – Head of Physics

Derek Bailey – Science Teacher

Shauna Rowell – Science Teacher

Stuart Scott – Science Teacher

Lorna Jess - Science teacher

Seamus Carlin – Laboratory Technician


Welcome to the science department!    

All Shimna students study science in Key Stage 3 and GCSE science with the option of single award science or double award science. The subject is also a popular choice at A Level where students have the choice of studying A level biology, A level chemistry and A level physics.

Students explore a range of science topics through a combination of experiments, theory and investigations, and relate their learning to their everyday experiences. The science department in Shimna offers students the opportunity to explore science in an interesting, exciting and enjoyable way.

Academic offer

KS3 science

KS4 science – single award science and double award science.

KS5 – A level biology, A level chemistry and A level physics


Extra-curricular offer

British Biology and Physics Olympiads

I’m a scientist get me out of here

STEM projects

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