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Achievement Certificate winners

Congratulations to the following students for earning an Achievement Certificate for their efforts over the first half of term

Year 8: Noah Keown, Kayden Matthews, Eve McNamara, Sophie McCullough

Year 9: Zac Asante, Carrie Bradley, Jaydan Bright, Reuben Forde, Zara Matevosyan, James Thorne

Year 10: James Blaney, Olivia Blaney, Kate Connolly, Ruadh Daley, Alice Fitzpatrick, Zara Graham, Melanie McEnteggart, Mya Russell

Year 11: Charlie Thompson, Robert Walker and Daisy Williams

Year 12: Hannah Beers, Aaron Mason and Enya Leckey

Year 13: Alice Cutler, Liam Hawkins, Grace Keown, Elijah Pascoe and Anna Young

Year 14: Alice Ballentine, Saoirse Cassiy Dawson, Erin Elliott, Shannon McCartan, Mia Pobloth and Emily Prosser


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