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Achievement milestone draws near

As the end of term draws near, we are closing in on the award of 10,000 achievement points across the College. Given for effort, academic progress, engagement, kindness and respect, this tremendous tally is tribute to the collective endeavours of our students. Over the past week, the following have received Achievement Certificates:

Year 8: Mila Astruc-Kidd, William Crory, Caolan Scott and Parisa Susay-Quinn

Year 9: Eilah Hill, Reuben Forde, Neil Millen and Avelinn Scullion

Year 10: Emily Allister, Silas Archer, Matilda Carr, Tobias Crothers, Ryan Magee, Rose Pudane, Mya Russell and Alex Watson

Year 11: Louis Dempsey, Jack McBride and Charlie Thomson

Year 12: Maria Cassidy, Cillian Keown, Joe McBride and Callum Mooney

Year 13: Liam Hawkins, Levi Johnston, Grace Keown, Luke McAnallen Caelan McNamara, Riagan O'Hare, Isabella Susay-Quinn, Catherine Watson and Anna Young

Year14: Saoirse Cassidy-Dawson, Erin Elliot, Shannon McCartan, Mia Pobloth and Emily Prosser

In the final assemblies of term next week, we will be celebrating the many positive stories since September and finishing with a prize lottery for students in each year group.


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