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Feargal makes the grade

Congratulations to our very own Feargal Leblanc on his Grade 7 Acting Award

"🌟Student Spotlight! I had to single out Feargal who just received his Grade 7 Acting results and I am delighted that he received a very well deserved distinction! Feargal has been at my classes since day 1 and has been working his way up through the grades ever since. I am beaming with pride that he has got this very well deserved result after being so dedicated to his acting rehearsals, research & preparation. As you can imagine, Grade 7 is quite a detailed exam with multiple acting pieces, improvisation, sight reading as well as a phenomenal amount of theory. He now gets UCAS points for this which helps with entry towards a university place. The final grade is Grade 8 which he hopes to complete this time next year. Well done Feargal, take a bow! Our first Grade 7 of many I’m sure and I am so so proud! 🌟



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