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Junior Girls’ Netball team crowned Champions

A huge congratulations to our Junior Girls team on their resounding 16-6 victory against Carrickfergus GS earlier today. In victory, the girls are crowned NI Division 2 League Champions - our first ever national title in netball!


Ms Doyle writes: “It was a brilliant game. The girls played magnificently, ably led by their captain Piera Corrigan.


As centre Piera fed the ball to the GA Helen Barbour who, along with superb shooting from herself and GS Hope Sherlock, amassed a strong lead early in the first quarter. Shimna managed to maintain this lead throughout the game with excellent defensive play from Lucy Shiells, Evie Gorman, Carrie Bradley and Jessica Waddell. Mila Astruc- Kidd and Parissa Susay-Quinn also played very competitively as wing attacks, feeding the ball into the circle.


It was a great team effort and a well-deserved win on which to end a long season.”


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