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Shimna Amnesty Group seeks donations to the Pantry Foodbank

Shimna Integrated College Amnesty Group took the assemblies this week outlining their campaign to support the Pantry Foodbank. The students explained that in the wake of the pandemic and with increasing food and energy costs more and more people are finding themselves having to choose between eating or heating their homes. The number of local families being supported by the foodbank has doubled in the last year and this is set to rise in the coming months.

The Group is asking the school community to help by bringing in non-perishable food items such as rice, pasta, cereals and tinned goods along with hygiene and sanitary products. These will be collected at the sanitising stations at the PE and the canteen entrances and will be taken to The Pantry on a monthly basis. The plan is for this to be a regular collection running throughout the year; one item brought in by each student once a month would make a massive difference to the Pantry Foodbank and will help local people in need.

The first collection will start next week.


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