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Shimna hosts NI Blood Transfusion Service

It was our privilege to host the NI Blood Transfusion Service today. They run a mightily impressive operation.


Thank you to the 92 students, staff, parents and carers who gave their time and, more importantly, a blood donation.


Well done to Mr Keenan, who was responsible for organising the day.


Extract from NIBTS website

Blood donation plays a vital role in modern medicine and transfusion is essential when dealing with trauma, major surgery, cancer patients, or to treat inherited chronic blood diseases such as thalassaemia. Other blood products, such as plasma are a source for producing medicines that are indispensable for the treatment of people with chronic conditions such as primary immunodeficiency, haemophilia and other coagulation disorders, and auto-immune neuropathies.

Each donation is a precious lifesaving gift and repeat donation is the key to building a safe and sustainable blood supply to contribute to patient care and safety



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