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Shimna past and present come together for final day of Looking Ahead programme

Thanks to Stephen Savage from New Driver for his generous compliment: "I have been in many schools but I have never seen such a good careers event."

Our students were equally impressed with Stephen's valuable advice for starting off on the road for the first time, covering learning to drive, insurance, buying a car, maintenance, and staying safe.

A huge thank you to all our guest speakers today for taking the time to motivate and inspire our students:

  • Kevin Quinn from Redhat, past science teacher and one of our parents

  • Paul Ferguson, current staff, sharing insights on careers in the PSNI

  • John Keane, founding governor, who spoke about his fascinating career as a journalist, with his proud grandson Dara in the audience

  • Barbara Campbell, who gave an emotional talk about her career in social work

  • Dr. Richard Wright, who shared his journey as both a doctor and a minister in the Methodist Church

All our speakers had one common message: follow your heart to find a job you love, and if you realise it's not for you, don't be afraid to change careers.

Thank you to everyone who made this event such a success!



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