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Shimna Students Garner Standing Ovation for Electrifying Performance at the National Theatre London

LONDON, June 23, 2024 - Shimna Integrated College proudly announces the resounding success of year 12 students Aurora Milligan, Jana Pobloth, and Sophie Waddell, who delivered a mesmerizing performance at the National Theatre in London. The trio, part of the Crescent Arts Youth Theatre ensemble cast, captivated a sold-out audience with their electrifying portrayal of "Strangers Like Me." Their exceptional talent and deep sensitivity in addressing complex issues infused the production with energy and humour, leaving an indelible impact.

In preparation for this event, Aurora, Jana, and Sophie dedicated themselves to six hours of intensive, on site rehearsals with the esteemed tech crew of the National Theatre. Additionally, the students received professional voice coaching, refining their skills to deliver a captivating and engaging rendition.

Renowned playwright Ed Harris, the mastermind behind "Strangers Like Me," lauded the students for their remarkable interpretation of his words. Harris expressed, "They captured what I had imagined and more! Their dedication and talent brought a depth and authenticity to the characters that truly impressed me." The students' portrayal showcased their exceptional ability to breathe life into their roles and connect with the audience on a profound level.

Andrea Grimson, the director of the play, commended Aurora, Jana, and Sophie as the heart and soul of the festival. Grimson said, "Their joy, enthusiasm, and spirit won everyone over. They brought an infectious energy to the production and truly made it shine."

Shimna Integrated College Principal, Steve Pagan, expressed immense pride in the students' achievements. He stated, "Aurora, Jana, and Sophie have demonstrated incredible dedication and talent throughout this journey. Their performance at the National Theatre is a testament to their hard work and the immense potential within our student body."

The girls' stellar performance garnered a standing ovation from the enthusiastic audience. Their exceptional talent and commitment to their craft resonated deeply, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed their remarkable portrayal.

In addition to the audience's adulation, their performance attracted significant media attention, with various newspapers and magazines featuring the students and highlighting their extraordinary accomplishment.

The success of Aurora, Jana, and Sophie on the esteemed National Theatre stage serves as a defining moment in their artistic careers, showcasing their immense potential and positioning them as rising stars in the world of performing arts.


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