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Shimna students participate in QUB Academy

Ms Rooney reports:

"On Thursday 31st March, Year 12 Junior Academy students returned to Queens University after a two-year absence. They enjoyed a targeted Maths Master Class with tutors from Study Seed, based on the tier they are sitting for their Maths GCSE."

Junior Academy students: Luke McAnallen, Matthew Cooper, Grace Keown and Coraigh O Sullivan

"On Thursday 31st March, our Junior Academy Sports Graduates were presented with their SLQ Level 1 qualification in sports leadership from programme coordinator Michael Nevin. The boys were enrolled on this programme way back in year 8 to be introduced to university life and Higher Education through the lens of sport. It’s wonderful to see them achieve their award."

JASP students: Levi Johnston, Ciaran Quigley, Jamie Tweedie, Bartek Stryszewski, Liam Hawkins, Shea McLaughlin and Zack Curran



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