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Shimna supporting the Pantry Foodbank

“Manus O'Boyle from the Pantry Foodbank came today and picked up numerous boxes of essential food and hygiene items brought in by our students and you. He was overwhelmed by the generosity and made it clear how important this help is by sharing some sobering numbers with us; in the two months before the first lockdown, the Pantry Foodbank had 89 requests for help. In the same period this year it was over 1,300. The rise is likely to continue.

The Amnesty Group came up with this idea and ran with it: delivered the assemblies, made the posters and packed the items today. Thanks to them for being wonderful, and to Fiona, Joan, Zelda (and others) for their help with the gathering of donations. We would like to donate to The Pantry again in the new term.

Many thanks to you for all your donations.”



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