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Shimna Welcomes Bruiser Theatre Company

Last week, we welcomed the phenomenal Bruiser Theatre Company who performed a mesmerising, laugh-out loud performance of ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)’  

Mrs Quigley writes: We were very lucky to have this exciting opportunity for Shimna to host such a brilliant and innovative theatre company here at our College. They are one of the biggest theatre companies in Northern Ireland to date. It was a fabulous occasion for all our Drama students to watch live theatre and more importantly watch a unique physical theatre approach to Shakespeare performed in such a short time frame.  Throughout the performance, Bruiser shockingly, broke the record for the shortest-ever performance of Hamlet, in 43 seconds.  This production showcased a variety of Shakespeare’s most famous plays from his comedies to tragedies, to his historical plays in such a comedic and animated way. It was a sensational performance!  

Their intuitive & lively style was then translated into a workshop which our Drama and Performing Arts exam classes had the pleasure of being a part of. Cheryl, the workshop facilitator, taught our students about the core techniques attached to Bruiser’s distinctive style, which will be beneficial for our students when they create their own pieces this year.




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