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Step right up for Circus Club!

On Wednesdays, once the canteen has been cleared, the lunchtime aroma is replaced by the smell of sawdust and grease paint. If juggling, diablo, flowers stick, unicycle, plate spinning, stilt walking or acro balance are up your street, Shimna Circus Club is for you.

Organised by Mr Archer, our very own Greatest Showman, it’s where the magic happens!

Students come together to learn and practise new skills and to play creatively. It’s a wonderfully supportive and non-competitive environment where new talents can be developed, including individual discipline and teamwork. Skipping, games and ball manipulation also play a part.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to run away to the circus - or just learn a new party trick - come along to the Canteen at 3:30 on a Wednesday.


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