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Success in UK Biology Olympiad for Shimna’s students

Three Shimna students have been recognised in the 2023 UK Biology Olympiad.  Isabelle Cable was highly commended, and Erin Elliott and Kara Sloan were commended for their accomplishment.  

Assistant Vice Principal Joanne Poland said:

“This is a fantastic achievement as there was over 13,000 students from 800 schools worldwide that took part in this year's competition.  We are very proud of all our students. Last year, there were 10,000 students from 700 schools worldwide who took part so it is getting more competitive each year.”

The Olympiad is a prestigious international competition to recognisethe most talented young Biologists. The BBO challenges and stimulates gifted students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents. Competing in the Olympiad will encourage the students already interested in this valuable, wide-ranging and rewarding subject to continue their study beyond A Level.

From the left - Isabelle Cable, Erin Elliott, Kara Sloan and Joanne Poland Assistant VP


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