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Year 14 Students lead the way

Ten students from Year 14 have been selected to form a new Student Leadership Team at Shimna. They were appointed following a process which included a written application, interview and student vote.

Led by Saoirse Cassidy-Dawson and Uisce Daley, the team has started working with senior and pastoral leaders to discuss ways in which students can inform the College Development Plan. The students have also met with the Governors’ Working Party on Uniform, ahead of a wider consultation with students, parents and carers to be launched in the next edition of ‘Shimna News’, due out before half term.

Saoirse commented: “I'm incredibly passionate about Shimna and our ethos, and I truly believe it is a remarkable place. I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute to the continuing development of the College and to work with students and staff.”

Uisce agreed: “I am passionate about our motto of ‘learning from each other’. I believe that each individual student at our school has the right to be heard. My responsibility is to ensure that the team represents our integrated values where everyone respects and encourages each other. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity.”

As part of the journey back from the disruption caused by the pandemic, a key priority has been to provide more opportunities for student voice. The creation of the Year 14 team is a first step in a process to be rolled out across all year groups.

In assemblies this week, students will find out more about the Young Ambassador scheme. Application forms will be available from Form Teachers, with a deadline of Thursday 27 October for students interested in taking on this exciting new role.

Pictured ( left to right ): Mrs Skelcher (Head of Year 14), Megan O’Connor, Mr Pagan (Principal), Alex McCartan, Aimee Hawkins, Chris Barbour, Uisce Daley, Mia Pobloth, Saoirse Cassidy-Dawson, Josh Sanderson, Brianna Hawkins, Ryan Kearney, Mrs Poland (Assistant Vice-Principal), Mrs Caulfield (Vice-Principal)



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