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Meet the Music Department

Orla Fitzpatrick (Head of Music)

Ria Maguire (KS3)

Gavan Quigley (guitar tutor)

Bridin Wells (woodwind tutor)

John Poland (drum kit tutor)


Academic Offer

Teaching Time

  • Key Stage 3 – 1 x 60 mins lessons per week or 2 x 30 mins lessons per week

  • GCSE – 3 x 60 mins lessons per week

  • A Level – 5 x 60 mins lessons per week


At KS3 our aim is to encourage and support students as they actively engage in their study and appreciation of music. Their experience is wide ranging and there are a variety of creative opportunities to compose, perform and listen to music. Music is a practical course that includes singing, playing instruments such as keyboards, guitars, and African drums and provides opportunities to explore software such as Garageband. Our KS3 provision broadens students musical horizons, and aims to develop broader life skills and attributes, including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity and emotional and cultural development. (Click for more)


At GCSE students follow the CCEA GCSE Music syllabus. This is an excellent course that allows students to work to their strengths and pursue their own musical interests, while broadening their horizons and exposing them to music from around the world and different historical periods.

Assessment breakdown is as follows:

Component 1: Performing & Appraising (35%)

Component 2: Composing & Appraising (30%)

Component 3: Listening & Appraising (35%) (Click for more)

A Level

At A level students follow the CCEA A Level Music syllabus. It provides students the opportunity to acquire advanced musical skills, knowledge and understanding through listening and analysis, composing and performing. It encourages students to build on the knowledge and experience gained at GCSE and in their musical activities outside the curriculum. Students will extend their knowledge and understanding of musical language, styles and genres. They will gain a good foundation for studying Music in higher education or for pursuing other careers in the music industry, and will develop a range of personal qualities including self-confidence, communication and team-working skills, and analytical, technological and evaluation skills.

Assessment breakdown is as follows:

AS1 Performing: 32.5%

AS2 Composition: 32.5%

AS3 Responding to Music: 35%

A21 Performing: 32.5%

A22 Composition: 32.5%

A23 Responding to Music: 35% (AS Music) (A2 Music)

Extra-Curricular Offer

Our music department offers students the opportunity to work towards grade examinations in a range of instruments. Musicians, however, also contribute hugely to the life of the whole college through performances at many special events, such as our annual Prize Giving Evening and Carol Service. The music department also works alongside the Drama department each year in our School Production.

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The music department offers tuition in woodwind, guitar, drums, voice and piano. Students who wish to do study for their graded exams in Music Theory are also given the opportunity to study this during lunch. Students play together in various bands and groups, and are encouraged to practice and compose together. Our students also provide the band for our school productions.

This year our production was ‘Alice in Pantoland’. All vocalists and instrumentalists are invited to take part, and will have an opportunity to sing solo or with the choir and play in an ensemble or play a solo. In previous years we have hosted various Cabaret evenings, Grease, Bugsy Malone and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dreamcoat.

The music department, along with the drama department,  takes the students on annual trips to the theatre to see both musicals and plays. We have also been on a wonderful trip to London to experience the delights of the West End.

GCSE and A Level revision classes are also provided after school.

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