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General Secretary and President of ASCL visit Shimna

Mr Pagan writes:

“On Monday, Mrs Caulfield and I welcomed Geoff Barton and Pepe Di’lasio, General Secretary and President respectively of ASCL, the leading professional association and trade union for school and college leaders in the UK. Geoff and Pepe were on a three-day visit to Northern Ireland and it was a proud honour to host them, along with Robert Wilson, ASCL’s Officer for Northern Ireland.

ASCL represents over 21,500 leaders of primary, post-primary and post-16 education institutions. It is a tremendous opportunity for us to show off the College and to share our views on the challenges and opportunities facing the education system in Northern Ireland as we emerge from the pandemic.

The day after the visit, Mrs Caulfield featured in ASCL’s weekly podcast. Learning from each other, in practice.”



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