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Shimna girls bring IT on

GCSE digital technology students attended the ‘Girls in IT’ event in Belfast, run by BringITOn. The girls - Anna-Lucia Barbour, Alice Cutler, Laura Miklasova, Anna O’Flaherty, Lucy Rooney and Michelle Williamson - heard empowering talks from leading women in IT and had the opportunity to network with some of the biggest IT companies in the UK.

They found out more about why women are under-represented in the IT industry, and what educators and employees can do to attract women into an IT career. This excellent event provided the girls with careers advice and an insight into the range of IT roles out there, including robot design, user-requirement analysis and data science. We also won a few prizes along the way too, with Alice Cutler receiving a particularly generous Amazon voucher! Thank you to Mrs Samuel for organising the trip.



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