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Individual Computing Talents win Year 10 competition

Year 10 ICT students have recently competed in an ICT/ Business task during their ICT lessons over the past 8 weeks. Working on a variety of promotional materials for a new healthy snack or drink of their choice, the students created a brand, including naming their product, and used a variety of software packages to design and create an original logo, slogan, TV advertisement, poster and presentation. 


Mr Magee was delighted with how well all students applied themselves to the task and how they competed in great spirit. In each form class the student producing the best work received a £20 Amazon voucher for their efforts. These vouchers were kindly donated by CyberFirst who have recently awarded the college with the CyberFirst Bronze award in recognition of our work on cyber-security education.


The winners were:  Ella Blair (10B), Eilah Hill (10C), Viktor Vasyliev (10C), Auguste Juciute (10D) and Andreja Maskaliovaite (10S)



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